"Plain Label" Bell Hood Seat Combo- Bright Nickel

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"Plain Label" Bell Hood Reel Seat combo. 

In the course of pursuing a separate project, we purchased some of the ubiquitous "bell hood" reel seats. Originally intended for a one-off use that never came to fruition, we're making these seats available in a combo-only package.

Why "Plain Label?" Because these are available to most anyone from many different sources and given many names. They're like the canned peas your mom used to buy in the store that had a white label with "PEAS" written in bold, black, lettering: They do the same job as the fancy-label peas, they just cost less.

While these seats are in the standard .640 diameter, they have a unique ID which makes them a little small for our standard inserts; fortunately we have some New Old Stock Struble inserts that fit perfectly. Again, our standard .640 ID inserts will NOT fit these seats.

These are specially priced and when we run out of wood inserts, they'll be gone forever.

Specs: OD: .640

           Length: 3.90in (with insert)


1) Select "Plain Label Bell Reel Seat Combo" from the dropdown menu and add to cart

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NOTE: Wood Inserts cannot be ordered seperately from the combo.