James Green Blanks

If there is a fly rod blank with true "mystique," James Green's have to be the uncontested winner, if for no other reason than his brand isn't blaring techno-jargon and cliche's at every consumer doing a Google search. Finding a James Green blank hasn't been the easiest task; James has no promotion, except for word of mouth, which has kept the James Green Fly Rod brand consistently popular among anglers more effectively than any ad campaign.

For years, James has quietly crafted blanks for his line of rods and for loyal patrons fortunate enough to have his contact information. Every now and then someone builds a JG blank and is asked multiple times, "How do I get one?" Few have had answers for these seekers. 

While James still has no website and no promotional material, he does now have a Distributor for his blanks. James Green has been a friend of Struble for years, going back to before our stewardship of the company. After years of talking fly rods and components with him ourselves, we coaxed James into parking his blanks at Struble where we are offering them with rod sock included (rod sock included for a limited time).

James’ blanks have been sought after for years because of their legendary action and glowing praise from owners. The tapers of all James Green Fly Rod blanks realize every advantage fiberglass offers to casters, including pinpoint accuracy and unexpected power in a fuller-flexing rod that is simply fun to fish and satisfying to cast. 

We're glad to be able to initially offer the James Green Explorer and Native Trout blanks in both 4 and 3-piece configurations. James is meticulous and a one-man operation, so while we should have a consistent supply, they will arrive in limited batches and there could be gaps in inventory. So, if you are or have been looking for a J. Green fly rod blank, Struble.com is the place to find them and the time is now.