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New Product Announcement 

Our 20mm stripping guide frames just got stronger!  We have added an optional bottom 'strut' to strengthen these guides. Check out this 20mm guide, soon to be available on all 20mm guides.

Free Shipping 

We offer free shipping for orders exceeding $75 and shipped to destinations within the US. This does not apply to international shipments at this time.

Reel Seats 

In 2012 we suspended production of reel seats but in October 2016 we brought the all-new 15LX3 reel seat to market. We continue to consider opportunities to resume production of a wider array of reel seat designs. 

Dark Nickel  Finishes

In the interest of maintaining healthy streams and lakes, our dark nickel finish process has changed. Instead of the our industrial plating process which contained numerous potent chemicals potentially harmful to biological systems, we have created a new, safer process to eliminate this health risks. 



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