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Glenn Struble Manufacturing Company was founded in 1974 by Glenn Struble, a mechanical engineer with a love for fly fishing and a commitment to excellence. Struble's designs and quality quickly became the industry standard with global recognition. The company quickly grew and eventually moved from his garage in Roseburg to a facility in Sutherlin, Oregon. Glenn passed away in 1993 leaving a legacy that we are dedicated to preserving. 

Glenn's wife, Juanita, continued the company's proud history of producing precision fly fishing components until 2005 when Jeffrey Pentecost, a Montana native with a love for fly fishing and a passion for innovation, took over the company. His personal standards for quality, integrity, and service match Struble's long-standing practice of delivering only the finest. As always, Struble products are made in America using only the very highest quality materials. The company now operates in Portland, Oregon.